Our Story

The story begins a daughter with her mom

There is a mother who is elegant, intellectual and wise. There is a daughter, she is smart, healthy and splendid carnival. They are striving to become that “her”, they maintain a common proposition with AMTHYS PARIS, always pursuing the nature and beauty they want to maintain a positive, happy and efficient life attitude.
Accompanying every girl to turn her ideal “she” into reality, having beauty and the independent ability to guard her beauty is the meaning of AMTHYS PARIS‘s existence!

AMTHYS PARIS resolves to Advance Methodology Young Solutions. It is our goal to bring a pleasant and effective skincare method for every beauty-loving person who is looking for an ideal look!

Freshly created Amthys Paris skincare collections

Refine innovative spots thright constant research and development, supplement beauty secrets through superior natural components and modern scientific recipe and keep unremittingly aspiring extreme beauty on holding professional high quality of the product.

Enjoy a truly pampering experience with a single application. Let's beauty together!